The NAKED ITALIAN BAGS® are the result of the passion of three women who love Italian local craft artisans.
We have have been friends forever: from childhood on. Olivia and Ginevra decided to move to the United States 15 years ago, while Livia settled in Milan, Italy after a few years abroad.

By working with enthusiasm and love we have created our own brand, the NAKED ITALIAN BAGS® and we have decided to go back to the basic crafting of the finest women jewels: bags.

We are sharing this dream with all our friends and women out there that still believe that everything can be unique and come from one of the most beautiful country in the world. Italy!

Each NAKED ITALIAN BAGS® is unique and comes in various colors according to the different seasons: we are fanatical about ​​creating products that are equipped with sophisticated and elegant harmonies – we want to give unique dreams and make every woman feel very special. All bags are exclusively hand made ​​in Italy with Italian leather only…and ultimately: the choice of the brand “NAKED” came naturally since it represented the idea of simple leather design bags. Today they hand-pick each and every single model. They scoured the country for the best artisan, materials and new models.

Italian Leather Bags NKD - Livia
Italian Leather Bags NKD - Liv-Qin

The NKD BAGS® are manufactured in Italy by local leather artisans and are selected according to very high quality standards and controls.

Olivia, Ginevra and Livia